if there is anyone who comes here, you should know that I never use this anymore and I pretty much just use myspace now.  So go there.  myspace.com/yodasw16

good night, and good luck



ok, this NCAA Tounament has been crazy!

Final four teams are LSU, UCLA, George Mason, Florida.

If UCLA wins and Florida loses I will win my pool and get $250.

If UCLA wins and Florida wins I will place 3rd and get $50.

If UCLA loses I lose and get jack crap.

GO UCLA!!!!!!!!



BOOO LSU!!!!!!!!!

I have decided to make a blog so that I have somewhere to write about politics, music, so forth instead of just stuff I normally write in here.  Here is the link: http://thoughtsonvarioussubjects.blogspot.com.  I will continue writing on xanga as well.  This is just a little something extra.

I am leaving for Grand Rapids tonight.  My great grandpa died on sunday and I am going to attend his funeral.  He was in his late 80’s, so he had a pretty long life.  Right now I don’t really feel anything about his death, but when confronted with a lost family member you don’t always know how to feel or when you will be hit by the effects.  We’ll see what happens at the funeral.


I just need to leave everyone a link to the best xanga I have ever
read.  This girl is brilliant.  Here’s a little taste of what
you will get to read if you go to her site: In reference to giving to
the poor, she tells us that she sent “$2.00 hunder dollers” to poor
kids.  And think, this girl wants to be a teacher when she grows
up.  She F-ing 15 for craps sake!!!!!!!!!

Go to her site NOW!!!


Mer and I just got back from the 2006 North American International Auto
Show at Cobo Center in Detroit!  It was awesome!!!!  Mer took
most of the pictures.  She did a good job!  Here are
some highlights…

2006 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

2006 Saleen Mustang!!!  Sweeeet!!!

Me in a 2006 SVT Mustang GT Convertible

2006 Ford GT.  The top one’s paint job is a $1400 option!

2006 Ford GT Saleen

2006 Ford Reflex…Not sure, but I don’t think it’s a concept.
Check out that interior!!  The seats are mesh or something…

2006 Ford Super Chief.  Pretty sure it’s a concept.  It has a bar, foot rests,
and 2 flat screen tv’s.

2006 Dodge Viper SRT10

2006 Dodge Charger 6.1 HEMI Bumble Bee

2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8.  This is the car Mer wants when we are rich!

2006 Dodge Challenger.  I love this car.  Prolly my favorite this year.
Wish it wasn’t blurry!

2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge.

2006 Bentley Azure.  My favorite luxury car.
That thing is beautiful.  I WILL own it!!

2006 Ferrari.  Not sure what model.  It’s not even on the website??

2006 Rolls Royce Phantom.

2006 Lexus IS.  Mer liked the color of this one.  cool car.

2006 Chevy Camero Concept.  The Camaro returns, yet i’m not as impressed
as I hoped I would be.  Should have went retro like everyone else.
This is too futuristic looking.

2006 Chevy Corvette

Not sure the exact name of this, but I remember 4500 in it.  HUGE!!!

2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept.  Can you believe that is a Chrysler?
Looks like  Rolls Royce!!

haha!  Mer picking up a 2006 Honda Insight.

Me driving a 2006 Mini Cooper.  I like these little cars!  Back up!

2006 Mercedes S550.  Wow.  This car was amazing.
Only thing that was gay was trying to get a picture without
Helga in the black and white faux-fur coat knocking mer over
and pushing her around.  Freak!!

2006 Mercedes Bluetec.  Cleanest Diesel in the world!
I really liked the paint job on this thing.

Mer getting arrested by the Detroit Police…

…and released by these Wayne County Sheriffs.

and last but not least, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

THE BEST car at the entire 2006 North American International Auto Show…

The 2006 Club Car Golf Cart!!!  Worth every minute to see this one!!!

I got a job!!!  Starting next week I am the Online Communications
Coordinator for Detroit Public Television.  It is only a part time
job for now.  I am hoping that they will like me and give me more
responsibility so that it will become full time.  I will be mostly
working on design and maintenance for the WRCJ radio station
website.  It is supposed to be launched this month, so I will post
the link once it is up.  I am excited to do something with my
degree.  I have to work at valvoline for a while longer since this
job is only part time, but that is ok.  I will be making a bit
more money and it will look good on my resume.

I never thopught I would qualify to do anything with weeb desgn since I
really don’t have a lot of experience with it, but I’m glad that I am
doing it.  I have always liked web design.  This will give me
a chance to learn more and get better at it too without a lot of
pressure to know everything.

That’s my big news for today.  yeehaww