if there is anyone who comes here, you should know that I never use this anymore and I pretty much just use myspace now.  So go there.  myspace.com/yodasw16

good night, and good luck


ok, this NCAA Tounament has been crazy!

Final four teams are LSU, UCLA, George Mason, Florida.

If UCLA wins and Florida loses I will win my pool and get $250.

If UCLA wins and Florida wins I will place 3rd and get $50.

If UCLA loses I lose and get jack crap.

GO UCLA!!!!!!!!



BOOO LSU!!!!!!!!!

I have decided to make a blog so that I have somewhere to write about politics, music, so forth instead of just stuff I normally write in here.  Here is the link: http://thoughtsonvarioussubjects.blogspot.com.  I will continue writing on xanga as well.  This is just a little something extra.

I am leaving for Grand Rapids tonight.  My great grandpa died on sunday and I am going to attend his funeral.  He was in his late 80’s, so he had a pretty long life.  Right now I don’t really feel anything about his death, but when confronted with a lost family member you don’t always know how to feel or when you will be hit by the effects.  We’ll see what happens at the funeral.